Zygethia Responds to Competition & Document Leaks


Good evening,

First off I’d like to say that we indeed have a scribe noting our discussions and ideas that were brought up. This way we can keep track of all the ideas that were brainstormed during the session and not forget any of them. However, unfortunately, the document has been misunderstood by those deciphering it.

These documents are NOT final. They are simply logs, if you will, of our discussion. We’ve already instructed our scribe to put final decisions under his documents, including when a decision has not been made yet to help out those deciphering the documents in the future.

May I also clarify that we have not yet made a decision on whether to set something up ourselves or not. The idea is to make something like a mainframe for trading. One of the tasks would be bringing local traders into contact with foreign markets, and they would also be in place to prevent the economy from being destroyed if someone knowingly or unknowingly brings an excess of a type or resource or material into the kingdom.

That said. At the time of discussion we were unclear if the ETA was indeed neutral at all times. As such a discussion about our own options was imminent. What also apparently has been misunderstood/wrongly dotted down is that we were discussing Trade Organisations based within Zygethia to keep the economy fluent whilst at conflict or during embargoes and such. Of course this was also due to the fact that we didn’t know if ETA was neutral.

I’d also like to touch on the subject of leaking information. Leaking information at this point in CoE is not nice. Imagine [people that] leaked information on magic being a thing before we knew about talents. That would make people disappointed when the announcement would come saying its only a 0.05% chance of gaining this talent.

We were also not made aware by the ETA that they had received leaked information about us and with their claims of neutrality, it is odd that they would not inform us about the leak before turning to the media, or leak information to the media in the first place. As I do not know the circumstances in which they obtained the “leaked” information, we expect to be hearing from them soon.

To end this official statement on a lighthearted note, we do smile upon ETA’s statement of welcoming competition. Without competition we’d only grow lazy wouldn’t we?

Thank you for your time, may your travels bring you great prosperity!”

-Zygethian Kingdom


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  1. Mythos Cardan

    Every time I hear Zygethian name in sentence I get now involuntary cringe…why beat the dead dog? Especially toothless dead dog like Zygethia.

  2. This makes the will of all Zygethians stronger, our unity is stengthened by these events.

  3. Lefsinimiat

    Why are you asking a random Count for a statement? Couldn’t you at least get a duke, or a major merchant, or at least someone vaguely important?

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