official statement of zygethia

Greetings people of Elyria!

Today I bring to you news as we sweat at our forges and sharpen our blades. Zygethia will no longer stand for the covert actions taken against us in our times of peace. We are picking up our arms, training our troops for what is to be a glorious battle.

Our close friend Arkadia has committed hidden atrocities towards us and other kingdoms. Trying to sway citizens with dark whispers of gold and land. So we heat our forges and we bring forth our steel, for today we prepare for war. As our bannermen rally their soldiers and call to arms the willing, the houses of Zygethia prepares for the long march. We do not stand alone in this. The great kingdom of Nirath has had similar dark whispers spread throughout their kingdom. They open their armories and prepare their men, the flames of Nirath cannot be quenched, for it hungers for the swift end of its opposers.

The Kingdoms Zygethia and Nirath will ride together against this mutual enemy, for in this war, we are brothers-in-arms. So we raise our banners and outfit our soldiers. As our trisons haul boulders and trebuchets alike. Our commanders sharpen their minds and lower their gaze upon the kingdom of Arkadia, for it is there we will abolish the whispers that have been sent to our lands.

-King Zultra of Zygethia