Zultra: The Misunderstood King?

It’s easy for us to forget where we come from. Often times I catch myself wondering where I would be if it wasn’t for my burning desire to chase the next story. My parents spent their whole lives tending the flocks and fields under the sun. Perhaps that could have been my destiny had strange circumstances catapulted my writing in front of so many of you. This thought spurred a detour from my journey and I decided to sit down with an old friend, Zultra of Zygethia. I wanted to ask him about his roots, and the criticism for seeking the crown.

For those of you who have met Zultra, it won’t surprise you that I found him chatting with the locals in a tavern in Nirath. I almost expected a story to arise, but there was no ruckus to be heard this time. He kindly ordered me a pint, and we found a quiet corner to speak about days of old.

We quickly found ourselves addressing the topic of Zultra’s self-proclaimed nobility as King of Zygethia. It was amazing to hear of the fervor and zeal his followers placed in the vision he shared with them. However I knew, just as well as he did, there were many who were despised at someone so lowly seeking a position of such great power. I decided to ask him about his roots, and how he got to where he is today.

Bradford J. Wilshire: “Can you set the record straight for those who would tear you down for being a self-proclaimed king? Where did this journey you are on begin?”

Zultra: “I was always a gregarious child, coupled with my academic interest and street smarts I caught the eye of the local Duke as he made his rounds through the duchy. He saw greatness in me and on my 18th birthday approached me and gave me a Barony, which I named ‘Crownhold’. I named it in honor of the Duke who gave me the title of Baron. He wore a helmet that looked like a crown.”

BJW: “What were your parent’s professions growing up?”

Z: “My father was a tanner and my mother liked to knit. My interests were and still are in crafting weapons and I am also fond of growing apples, nothing like apple pie!”

BJW: “People have been calling you out for seeking the crown, and it seems like you may take it through war, what should our readers know about you?”

Z: “That I am not a tyrant or a cruel man, I am just working towards making Zygethia.”

BJW: “Would you say you are building the dream of Zygethia from the ground up?”

Z: “We are building from ground up, and it started by going around to all the local communities sprawling the message of Zygethia by myself.”

BJW: “Do you have anything to say to those who would spread rumors or mislead others about the fact that you aren’t a king yet?

Z: “They are more than entitled to their opinions. To those that spread disinformation, true legitimacy is via leadership, leadership without the need for fancy titles or fear the naysayers will not have the last laugh.”

The oil was running low in the lamps as we finished our final round. The tavern was quiet as the bartender began setting the chairs up for the night. Zultra bid me farewell and I sat for a few more minutes to write down these last thoughts.

Our origin is only a piece of the puzzle, we are not defined by any one piece of who we are. Rather, we are defined by the sum of all our puzzle pieces, the good ones, the bad, the pretty, the deformed, and in the end even the ‘ugliest’ part of us helps create the beautiful picture of who we are. Dear readers, don’t forget who you are along the way, and always remember where you came from.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire


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  1. Mythos Cardan

    World has been often brought low by well intentioned idiots than by truly evil villains

  2. Baron Zemo

    Calling Zultra a king is like calling a beggar a homeowner.

    A king is defined by a kingdom, something which Zultra does not have. Wannabe King Zultra would be a better name, or just call him by the one title he has earned, baron.

  3. Davin

    Z: “They are more than entitled to their opinions. To those that spread disinformation, true legitimacy is via leadership, leadership without the need for fancy titles or fear the naysayers will not have the last laugh.”

    This is very funny for a man that keeps forcing his not yet king title down everyone throats. If Zultra really mean his words he would stop calling himself king until he earns his kingdom.

    • The people of Zygethia recognise me as there King, so I am a King.

      • Seismicpuppet

        You Sr. are confused by the definition of a king:

        “a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people.”

        Through out history a king was someone who ruled by divine right and not the peoples consent.

        What you propose is closer more to a Democracy:

        “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.”

        Sorry Zultra, No Kingdom, No Title. You are not a King but a politician. Therefore, you do not have a Kingdom since ruling one requires you to be a King. So when you convince enough Counts to overthrow your Duke, then convince the peers of that Duke you just overthrew to take on the King and succeed, perhaps people will then see you in a different light, maybe one of a tyrant. So till then good luck playing the role of pretender. But by all means, prove us wrong. If anything it will sure be entertaining.

        Ps: Not a “Hater”, just trying to be truthful. I wish Zultra the best of luck and that’s they point, everyone can [be who] they want. Perhaps that’s why we’re all driven to [Elyria].

        • Our Kingdom has a number of Dukes, Counts, Barons, Mayors, Gentry and the support of huge numbers of non-nobles, non-aristocrats we are united by a singular goal.

  4. Seismicpuppet

    Not sure how that matters. Anyway you look at it you will be entering the game as a Count. A Count who is under a Duke, who is under a King. Whether that Duke or King is a Npc or Human Character, they are still above you. There is a lot more to it then just having supporters and claiming to be King. But luck be with you perhaps we’ll be calling you the pretend Count in the future when things don’t go your way or Lordship if they do.

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