Don’t worry dear reader, I don’t use the word treason lightly. In fact, there are many cogs that must turn at the right time for any kingdom to find itself in the hands of a new leader. I have had the pleasure of speaking with the self-proclaimed “King” Raziel of Arkadia, who currently resides as one of three Dukes in the land who wish to take Arkadia back from the tyranny that has ruled the lands.

When I spoke briefly with Raziel, we discussed his plans to lead his people and prove that he is worthy of the title of King. In fact, he had just announced a partnership with Zygethia at the time. Both Zultra and Raziel seemed to be men with a similar vision to lead their people and prove that nobility doesn’t have to be inherited. When I asked Raziel about aligning with a self-proclaimed “King” like Zultra he responded:

“Sure, everyone should fear a peasant that made himself king.

-Duke Raziel of Arkadia

Recent events may bring Raziel’s words back to haunt him. It seems the alliance between Arkadia and Zygethia has gone up in flames and brought war. Perhaps the “Peasant King Zultra” will prove that those who challenge Zygethia will end up shaking in their gauntlets.

Alas, dear reader, that is another story. One for tomorrow perhaps. I want to bring us back to Raziel’s decision to influence his fellow Dukes to rise up and seize Arkadia. Is this treason? Is it liberation? Many would say that depends on which side of the coin you are on. Those who support Arkadia’s vision under Raziel would surely be committing treason against their current king. I was pondering this thought when I noticed a pamphlet posted in one of the local taverns.

Citizens of Arkadia,

Every day you languish in toil under the cruel grasp of a tyrant and yet you soldier on. Do you feel under-represented? I say no!

Do you feel oppressed? I say yes!

Our king is a tyrant who wastes your taxes on corrupt sycophants!

Who spends your hard earned taxes on pleasure houses!

In the capital the nobility sups the finest and you slave away to pay for the pleasure!

The king grows fat off your backs and yet you face a daily struggle to survive! No more, I say!

Be not afraid for I have come to liberate you! No longer shall you languish under the threat of the King’s ire.

No longer shall you have to forgo your native language in favor of the brutish common tongue.

No longer shall dissenters be slaughtered! Join me, brave citizens of Arkadia! Join me in liberating our fair land from a tyrant! Your comrade in arms and defender of the people

“Duke Raziel” (Unconfirmed)

I thought this was quite the polarizing message, and quite bold to post in front of so many. I knew his uprising must be gaining strength, so I approached him directly to confirm if he indeed was the author of the pamphlet. As it turns out, Raziel did NOT write this, however, his response echoed the voice of the pamphlet.

“It does not matter that much, who wrote them. It is not about the words, it’s about the message. Arkadia is here to liberate the world and the people of Elyria!”

-Duke Raziel of Arkadia

I suspect he was referring to leading his people against what he considers the tyranny in his kingdom, but his words clearly spoke of something much greater. The world, the people of Elyria. When is a Kingdom big enough? What does this mean for the people who follow Raziel in his march to seize the crown? In the end, what matters is what you believe, dear reader. Perhaps treason is too harsh a word, perhaps liberation fits better with your alignment to Arkadia. In the end, one thing is for sure, history won’t be written by the victor, rather, history will be recorded by The Elyria Herald.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire

*Edited by: Victoria M. Xildithas*