I have been seeking to interview someone from the Laughing Coffin for quite some time now. This guild is rumored to harbor the most brutal and unpredictable people of each Kingdom. Some say they operate outside the law, others think they are purely a menace to society. Nevertheless, there are always two sides to a story, and I set out to hear directly from the leader of the Laughing Coffin, Lo-Taren. 

I can’t remember much after the black hood was placed over my head. It certainly was the uneasiest I’ve been while searching for a story in a long time. The arrangements were clear: come alone, no weapons, and be prompt. Standing in the dark alley waiting for the last minute to pass before our scheduled meeting, I was quickly escorted by a group of men who appeared out of the shadows. All I remember was a heavy door closing with a loud bang, and then a series of turns. Right, left, left, right.. stairs, right again.. the rest is foggy now.

Once we arrived, they removed the hood and gave me a moment to gather myself out of my daze. I looked across the room, a rather dimly lit one I might add, and saw the man known as Lo-Taren. His demeanor was serious and I could tell he was here for a purpose.

I composed myself, and calmly took a seat at the long dark oak table.

Bradford J. Wilshire: Hello Lo-Taren, I have heard you are the one to speak about in regards to the Laughing Coffin.”

Lo-Taren: “Yes, I am the Guild Leader.”

BJW: “Many of our readers have heard of the Laughing Coffin with a negative association, how would you describe yourselves as a group?”

LT: “If someone chooses to see us in a negative light then that is their own opinion, we are not here to make friends, we are here to enjoy [ourselves] and we will [live] how we want to [live].”

BJW: “What would you say are the core components to the Laughing Coffin?”

LT: “Well, my guild is full of very different people, with very different opinions. They will all [live] differently as they all have true freedom to do whatever they want.. Does that mean they will go and kill absolutely everyone? No, and yes, some people will some people won’t.”

BJW: “Do you have a code of honor? If so what does that code look like?”

LT: “We don’t have a code of honor as such, we do however keep our word with all contracts no matter the circumstances.”

BJW: “Very interesting. Do you have a formal structure for leadership?”

LT: “We have a ranking system, but at the end of the day all decisions are left to me, others are just advisers.”

BJW: “As you said, your guild will provide true freedom to its members, why should they listen to you? What does the laughing coffin provide for its new members?”

LT: “I spearhead the Laughing Coffin and allow people to bring out their true nature on a viable level where they can be a part of something moving forward and not be left behind in the dirt. New members are tested to see what kind of people they are and if they can accept what they are getting into they will have an enjoyable experience. True freedom is what you make it.”

BJW: “Are you concerned you will train people who will turn against you?”

LT: “Not at all, we are here for a fight and if someone wants to turn on me, they will get a fight.”

BJW: “Do you plan on building your following within any particular Kingdom?”

LT: “No comment.”

At this, the tension in the room rose drastically, I laughed nervously as I feared I may have pushed my line of questioning a little too far.

BJW: “Fair enough. The final thing I want to touch on is your contracts. How are contracts made between the Laughing Coffin and another party, do they make them with you?”

LT: “Our contracts are all decided on a situational basis as long as they do not conflict with our current agenda.”

BJW: “Before I leave, I would like to know if there is a legacy you would like to be known for upon your death?

LT: “For the quality flower picking services I will provide.”

There was a devilish grin to Lo-Taren as he finished his reply, almost as if there was a hidden code within. I suspect he didn’t really mean flowers, but I didn’t want to push my luck and find out exactly what he meant. Again the black hood quickly covered my view and I was escorted out.

When the hood was finally removed, I found myself on the other side of town, near an unknown tavern & inn. There were a few hours until dawn, so I decided to grab a much-needed drink and gather my thoughts.

As I reflect on the night, I must leave you with a final thought that presented itself with my conversation. “Are any of us truly free, or have we traded in our slavery to one master for another master in disguise?”

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire


*Edited by: Victoria M. Xildithas*