There was a bustle of activity upon arriving at The Elyria Herald this morning. In fact, many of our writers and readers were chattering about the most recent rumor. Who was this King of The South, and how did he appear out of nowhere? More importantly it challenged me as a writer and investigator. Which King was misleading me upon my previous journey? If you are asking yourself the same thing dear Elyrian, not to worry, I have answers.

After hearing the rumors, I quickly rushed to my notes on all the other Kings & Queens who I interviewed previously. First to the documentation on King Dragor of Nirath, I knew I had a copy in my leather journal. I was pleased to see that his documentation was in order. I had visual proof that he was indeed of inherited nobility. I realize that these documents can be forged, but in this case it seemed in pristine condition.

Next I dug under a stack of quills my assistant had plopped on my desk before I arrived. I was looking for confirmation on King Cidolfus of Arthos. Of course, it was right at the bottom of the pile, but there it was, confirmation of his inherited nobility. With two Kings confirmed I had a sick feeling in my guy about the third.

As you know I was only able speak with the Queen of Dol Aderyn on my last visit. With her bright and welcoming personality I didn’t even question not visiting with King Miles himself. He was away on a journey of his own, and I thought nothing of it. I left an open invitation for King Miles to meet with me. Due to this missed connection, I realized I had no proof of King Miles’ inherited nobility. That’s when Kalgos Valandrass, or King of The South, strode through my doorway, and sat in front of my desk.

King of The South

He spoke to me with an urgency to his authenticity and explained his situation and origin story.

Bradford J. Wilshire: “First of all, you claim to be from inherited nobility from the South, does this mean you intend on establishing your own kingdom?”

Kalgos Valandrass: “I am Kalgos Valandrass, son of the late Jurgen Valandrass, King of the South. Upon hearing of my father’s death during a border clash with raiders. I returned home with my campaigning army, to solidify my support back home. It is my every intention of securing my Kingdom’s borders, as my father would have wanted, to expand our holdings for the betterment of my kingdom and my people.”

BJW: “Since your nobility will be authenticated shortly, do you suspect another King of fleeing his noble heritage and abandoning his kingdom? If so, any suspects?”

KV: “I am who I say I am. If you doubt my word, draw steel and the gods ill decide the truth of it. As for the other, I will not say. My agents are out in the field, one way or another, the truth will win out.”

BJW: “Are you disappointed at the skepticism you have received from the many kingdoms to your authenticity?”

KV: “None what so ever, long have I been on campaign with my army. It is little wonder that other so called nobles would claim ignorance as to my authenticity.”

BJW: “If proven that you are the true heir to the South, how do you intend on attracting people to your kingdom? Do you have any followers from your fathers kingdom?”

KV: “The south will be won with iron and gold, I have my season retainers, loyal to the last. But those seeking freedom, fortune and a place of their own, will always be welcome at my court.”

BJW: “Finally is there a legacy that you wish to leave behind for your heirs? What will people know Kalgos Valandrass for?”

KV: “My legacy will be the safety of my citizens, a well trained military, unhindered trade routes and the freedom to make your own choices.”

As we wrapped up, he reached into his breast pocket, pulled out the official documents showing that was indeed the heir to The South. As he took off his gauntlet, I noticed the signet ring on his finger with the official seal of the Valandrass family on it. He reached over, poured some hot wax on the document, stamped it, and with a silent authority, left the room.

What did I take of this encounter? Mysterious, yet overwhelmingly convincing. I must journey to find the King of Dol Aderyn to establish my final conclusion. I owe it to myself to seek the truth for all of Elyria.

Until then –

Be Bold, Be Known.

Bradford J. Wilshire