Treason or Tantrum?

The sun was bright this morning, the smell of fresh Canis rabbit cooking over a bed of hot coals reminded me I was alive. After all the pungent aroma of such a creature only has two reactions in people. One either looses their last meal, or subconsciously licks their lips in anticipation. Being from the farm myself, I found that my now growling stomach hadn’t forgotten the taste of Canis. Ah, memories.

However this isn’t to share the delicacy of canis, or debate it’s polarizing taste. Rather I must inform you about an even I was merely a witness to.

It wasn’t too long ago that The Elyria Herald covered the breakup that happened within Zygethia between the House Zabi and Zultra. In fact as I arrived at the Great Hall of Nirath, where I had spent the night before, the air felt eerily similar to what I witnessed in Zygethia. I thought it might behoove me to sit in the corner and watch what played out. After all, as a curious man, I know when the voices get louder, when threats are spoken out of irrational mindsets, there is always a story.

To preface this, as I write with hindsight, it appears that the self proclaimed King Zultra of Zygethia had been on a tour of the kingdoms and had been sighted near Nirath, requesting safe passage into the city.

What unfolded as I enjoyed my morning meal, which was a bit more dignified than a leg of canis, was what any Lady of the kingdoms knows lies within each man, an opinion. It begun with many in the Great Hall expressing opinions that they didn’t want a self proclaimed king in their lands, for fear that he might try and entice commoners or even nobles to join his cause. There have been rumors that Zultra has done this in the past, and the crowd seemed quite adamant that he remain outside the kingdom for the time being. There were a few voices I heard between the great squabble that supported the open border policy for Zultra until he had proven he couldn’t be trusted. As I ate, it seemed the crowd was bringing the conversation back to a civil topic. Then it happened.

As a writer I pride myself in discretion, integrity, and the truth. So know that I write this not out of malice or an ulterior motive, rather to bring a civil conversation to rather opinionated matters.

While many continued the chatter in the Great Hall, Thor Stormborn, a noble and authority in Nirath extended an invitation for Zultra to continue on into Nirath territory, and come into the city’s tavern. What happened next reminded me of my childhood, when my cousin Lenard came to visit and while running along the top of the stone fence around our family’s farm, tripped and fell face first into Ursaphant shit.

Once the word reached the Great Hall that Zultra had been invited into the tavern, commotion ensued. Many touted there was an “abuse of power” by Thor in King Dragor’s absence. Others calmly proclaimed that, “we shouldn’t even make it a big deal”. While the drama continued, as it does, accusations were thrown around, as well as many voices defending the open border policy approach. Finally, the King’s Regent, Rhaegys Audran stepped in the Great Hall and commanded the attention of everyone there. In a booming voice that filled the hall, he proclaimed, “You can agree or not with Zultra. You can have your opinions about him. In any case the tavern is open for anyone and we should behave like adults.”

With that, the hall seemed to calm down and move back to the more day to day conversation. I hope you, dear Elyrian, have made it this far because it’s an opportunity for each of us to evaluate ourselves and realize the children within all of us. I don’t write this to report on the squabbles of men, but to illuminate two important thoughts.

First, we must remember that in the heat of a conversation, our words can stir up more than we might anticipate, and thus we should choose them carefully. Secondly, to pose a question. Do you believe in open borders for those not pledged to your kingdom? How would you greet another kingdom’s citizen in your land?

I want to end with these thoughts, and officially request that King Dragor set the record straight on the actions of one, Thor Stormborn, was this Treason, or rather a reaction that reminds us of when we were children, squabbling for the biggest sword?

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known,
Bradford J. Wilshire


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  1. Well met,
    It seems in your attempt to create drama you overlooked something critical. You say that “I want to end with these thoughts, and officially request that King Dragor set the record straight on the actions of one.” when King Dragor banned straight off one of the two making the commotion and the other silenced himself on the matter shortly after.
    Also, you keep saying “Elryian” instead of “Elyrian” (same thing with “Elryia”). Next time try to read it thoroughly, just like you should have done with the chat.
    And lastly; Tantrum. There is no “betraying”, or anything like that, hope it clear your ‘article’ up.

    • Bradford J. Wilshire

      Thank you for your critiques Freelancer!

      As I welcome ‘drama’ for the success of stories, I try and make sure that the reporting highlights a bigger problem that lies beneath. I chose not to mention the names of those creating a ruckus in the Great Hall in order to separate the drama from the deeper issues. I will be sure to keep my eye on the pen as I write to correct & prevent any future spelling errors, 🙂 And remember, I merely reported on the ‘drama’ I didn’t cause it in the first place, arguably, there is a difference. 😉 Until Next time –

      • It’s drama because a) the situation got sorted out by Dragor himself, b) the title; but I explained that in my first comment.
        And while I am a grammar nazi at heart, I am well aware of the internet’s opinion so I only correct someone in the bug sections of forums for typos, or, in our case, when I try to taunt someone, just like the article tried to taunt my intelligence. Specifically it was a way to expose yet another flaw in this article.
        And no, the drama got sorted, “reporting” something that is over is spreading it, or more accurately, beating a dead horse.

        • Merx Tandun

          It does take time to reach a printing press and print out the necessary newspaper to get out this information. You must remember, Bradford J. Wilshire is traveling from land to land and not very kingdom is equipped why a printing press. Anyways, mate. Cheers.

  2. Reginald J. Triumph

    To answer your question, Wilshire, the security of a kingdom’s borders is imperative to prosperity and cohesion for those within.

    I propose that any kingdom worth its name build a wall on the borders of its lands. This will guarantee the safety of the kingdom’s citizenry and a strict adherence to the social order within. Without a wall, other kingdoms exile their worst offenders to neighboring lands; Zygethia or any other kingdom may see an influx of contraband, crime, and overall banditry.

    This wall must be at least ten feet in height, although, after much reflection, it may even need to be ten feet higher.

  3. Employed

    Freelancer, you’re creating drama in the pursuit of trying to bash drama down. Remember the old saying, when one is a hunter of drummers, one must beware not to become a drummer onself.

  4. Johnny C

    That stew needs some Taters.


  5. Ahh…Zygethian cultist and their pauper King, there will be a song filled with tragic comedy called : ” The Pauper King” it will tell the tale of high desires, dreams broken , of a lowly autistic peasant boy aspiring to be great King of great nation…but alas, the wolves are abound and they watch , prowl and pounce on the dunce pauper boy king…cautionary tale mothers tell to their fantasy prone children.

    The boy will end up stable boy shoveling shit and holding the door…

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