It has been a long journey back to you, my fellow Elyrians. I have returned from the lands claimed by The Empire of Xeilias. My boots are still a bit soggy from taking a wrong turn through a rather dreary swamp and I fear I may need to replace them.  Nevertheless I come to share my impressions of the leader of Xeilias.

Many of you know this is my second encounter with Lord Phyllain of Xeilias. On my first encounter, while brief, I did leave with the impression that Xeilias would be a kingdom always ready for the next battle to secure new lands for Lord Phyllain, their “king” for lack of a better description. In fact he seemed rather put-off when I addressed him as king, as he doesn’t see his true kingdom in hand yet. Either way, I knew I had to return to uncover a better representation of Xeilias than just my first impression. After all, I did sense a glimmer of humor on my first journey as I was leaving with the following words, “If its a smear piece we might have to assassinate you” he chuckled watching me leave the room.

Lord Phyllain welcomed me just a fortnight ago, and we sat down to a well prepared meal by candlelight in one of his pristine forward command tents. Our location seemed befitting, especially considering I wanted to find out if Xeilias would be a warmonger kingdom. As we began, it was clear Phyllain was a man who desired his people to be “an exceptional people, striving to better themselves”. When I asked him if they would have warring tendencies, he replied simply with, “Yes and no. In the Feudal system that governs Elyria Might often makes right. EoX will have the strength of arms to bring peace to our battered land. We do not shirk from fighting and will gladly engage in it, but I am also open to expanding our influence through other means.”

We discussed the military aspects of Xeilias until dessert arrived. It was clear to me that while Phyllain is a man who seeks respect, order, and loyalty, he is no warmonger.

“I have very little respect for those who’s only claim to nobility is having inherited it.” – Lord Phyllain of Xeilias

Over dessert we continued talking and I asked him specifically about a rumor I had heard bout Xeilias. The rumor that Elyrian criminals could find safe haven within the ranks of The Empire of Xeilias. When asked what was illegal in Xeilias, Phyllain pointed out that murder, theft and detrimental actions on society were on the list, but he also stated, “Where we differ legally with most other kingdoms is that we don’t care what are citizens are, just what they do.” 

This reaction was quite fascinating for me, as it somewhat implied that harboring criminals wasn’t a major concern for Phyllain. It didn’t matter what other kingdoms label you as, but rather what you do in Xeilian lands. Upon further conversation it became clear that Lord Phyllain was loyal to his alliances and would extradite those who were sequestered by a kingdom who had a previous arrangement with Xeilias. However, the line was still grey for those kingdoms without any agreement. Did their criminals get a free pass in the Empire of Xeilias? One thing is for sure, while Phyllain was not seeking to grow his kingdom through war, it was clear he had a seed of contempt for nobility who inherited their titles.

As we finished our evening, I prepared for my journey home and Lord Phyllain left me with another parting gift of wisdom. “I have very little respect for those who’s only claim to nobility is having inherited it.” It was a message, a reminder that no matter what family we are born into, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t earn the right to rule over people.

Until next time –

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire