OFFICIAL NOTICE FROM The elyrian trade alliance:

“It has come to the attention of the Council of Counts that the members the Council of Zygethia have formed a national trading guild. Zygethian planning documents leaked to the Elyrian Trade Alliance by members placed within Romaria, a Zygethian county, have shown that Zygethia’s Council, in an attempt to emulate the economic benefits of the ETA have decided to form their own trading guild.

We wish the Zygethians luck and every success with their endeavour to organise cooperation between their merchants which is the very principle the ETA was founded upon. The ETA acknowledges that any ‘Zygethian Trade Federation’ will be a facet of their centrally controlled economy and thus focused more on Zygethian political interests than on the interests of merchants as a whole but as a transnational organisation focused on the interests of all merchants regardless of their background the Elyrian Trade Alliance urges the Zygethians to reconsider their proposal of requiring ‘licenses’ to trade as this may be met with similar sanctions being levied against their own merchants by other kingdoms which is counter-productive to the free market the ETA would hope to foster.

 It has also come to our attention that Darien Coshall of Zultra’s own House has requested a clarification on the ETA’s stance of neutrality so we shall use this opportunity to broadcast it widely: The Elyrian Trade Alliance maintains a strict neutrality in all conflicts until such at time as our members have come under unlawful threats or violence at which point the ETA will engage the offenders with all the means at our disposal. Members of the ETA belonging to nations undergoing conflict are recommended to obey all national laws regarding trade while advocating the freedom of trade for all peoples, this applies to trading standards since the Elyrian Trade Alliance does not seek to enforce them. Once again the ETA welcomes the ‘Zygethian Trade Federation’ into the merchant’s fold and wish them safe roads and fair profit.”

Chip Lawrie, Policy Director

Hari Seldon, Coin Master

Prisoner, Head of Legal Affairs

White Mercer, Craftsmen Coordinator