The war led by Zygethia & Nirath against the kingdom of Arkadia might just be coming to a peaceful resolution. Peace talks between not just two but three warring kingdoms require a delicate touch, to say the least. Fortunately, I was able to find an opportunity to sit down with Dragor, King of Nirath as well as Raziel, ‘King’ of Arkadia.

Bradford J. Wilshire: “Thank you for having this meeting with me. I know war is necessary in some cases, but I would like to clear the air to bring peace to all our lands once again. Are both of you in agreement that there can be peace between Arkadia & Nirath?”

Dragor: “Of course, sometimes nothing speaks louder than the drums of war. But to Nirath this was more of a supportive alliance, than aggression. We gain nothing from it, truly. At first, it seemed that Arkadia cannot be reasoned with, and war was the only option, inevitably. It was our intention not to be the first to instigate wars in delicate Elyria, especially with what the world has already suffered. But when war took the initiative, we’ve decided to grant our support. Eventually, Arkadia proved me wrong, and it came forward to discuss these matters reasonably. So while I can only speak for Nirath, the call for war is deemed unnecessary by us, and we are glad that matters can be solved peacefully.”

Raziel: “We both came to an agreement for the wellbeing of our people. I believe we have been misled, the anger between our nations has grown for futile reasons and it saddens us.”

BJW: “Raziel, I know many have accused you of overstepping boundaries for recruitment within your kingdom. How have you decided to deal with recruitment in the future?”

Raziel: “We will be more cautious with our recruitment policies and we will make sure to respect the same rules as everyone.”

BJW: “Dragor, I know you are seeking to mend a relationship with Zygethia and I expect following Zultra into a war was more a representation on repairing that relationship?”

Dragor: “While we certainly follow no one, indeed our support was given to Zultra, to show our goodwill and in hopes to mend fractured relationships, after all, we do not wish for unnecessary hostilities.”

BJW: “We have discussed what is best for the people within Elyria and more specifically your own people, do you hope that ending this war will benefit your people? How?”

Dragor: “I would simply be glad if all sides decide to put this war behind them, and continue forward with renewed friendships. While war might be necessary, and sometimes profitable to a nation, it  is never good for the common man. Their lands are burnt, and their families are gravely affected too. Regardless of which side you support, this certainly raises stress and discomfort in everyone’s life. Now is the time for rebuilding an already shattered world. While there will be a time for warfare and conquest, in my opinion, it is not time yet.”

Raziel: “War is never a good thing for the people. Tensions and violence are bad both for the economy and the happiness of nations. The peace will pave the way for new politics, such as trade agreements, friendships, alliances and more.”

BJW: “Are there any requests you would like to be made known as terms for peace?”

Raziel: “Arkadia respects Nirath and his people. We will not ask for anything more that an exchange of respect. We will hope for a bright future as friends and brothers in arms.”

Dragor: “Nirath has no actual requests. It only wishes that all parties involved respect each other and avoid unnecessary conflict, and perhaps look back on what went wrong, and try to not repeat the same mistakes in the future”

BJW: “Finally, it’s important to give a clear response to anyone wanting to infringe on your respective Kingdom’s sovereignty. Do either of you have a closing statement for the other Kingdoms following these series of events?”

Dragor: “These are definitely exciting times; ambitions and dreams are running amok. Everyone seeks to gain a position of power or achieve certain goals.  But I’d like to remind everyone that actions have consequences so always be mindful of what you do, especially if you do not wish to be held responsible. After all, we are all responsible for keeping Elyria a great place for its people. As for those who have no care for such an attitude, they are welcome to do as they please but they should know that there will be a reckoning.”

Raziel: “We wish to harm no one and we can only hope that this will not happen again with others. It is irresponsible to start a war for foolish reasons without taking into account the wellbeing of Elyria and his inhabitants. Though we will not fear and Arkadia will always answer to war with fire and blood. Arkadia forgives but never forgets. We know who instigated these wills of violence and we will hold him responsible. I would like to thank Dragor for his spirit of conciliation and is open and smart mind. And I’ll thank you too, Bradford, for your actions that led to this joyful ending.”

Freedom is never truly free. In fact, wars have ravished our lands in the past and many of us remember the pain that comes with war. Men & women sacrifice themselves for King & Country, but when we place our trust in those who would go to war for no reason at all, we will pay the price.

It makes me happy to be asked to facilitate the peace talks between Nirath & Arkadia, and I only hope to continue to see a resolution with Zygethia. Perhaps now the rumors that Arthos Romaria & the crafting House of Romaria, as well as the military House of  Golzkiin, are indeed splitting away from Zygethia, Zultra might find that peace is indeed the best option. Alas, dear reader, that is a story for another day.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire