Kingdom of Blackheart: Unmuted

official kingdom statement from Rowena, Queen of Black Hearts:
Our Kingdom has been visited by a man known as Unmuted. It is my decree that poison such as this is to be banned from our lands. We are a land who respects our people, we are a people who respect our land. We do not have to give him a reason for our decision, as we owe him nothing, but we want you, whom we deeply respect and love, to know this reason. There is a difference between freedom of speech and frank idiocy…and Unmuted is afflicted by the latter…
We will not allow a man to besmirch our name, or that of our allies, or even that of our enemies, with lies and quotes of words that were never pronounced…
We are a land of truth, of honesty, of unity and love, and we will stand for these ideals against filth such as the words that come out of this snakes’ mouth.
From this day on, Unmuted is banned from our lands, upon penalty of imprisonment in Ironheart, Darkholm Duchy’s royal prison.
The Kingdom of Blackheart will not allow these things. All these, will be plucked from the garden, and without a garden, they cannot prevail…


**Kingdom statements are submitted directly to the Editor and once reviewed posted verbatim. These statements are the views of their authors alone and do not reflect the views of The Elyria Herald.


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  1. Xavier

    Yes. This is indeed what our Queen said.

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