Is Zygethia Crumbling From Within?

As people are gathering to Kings, Houses, and new leaders we must ask ourselves the basis on which we pledge our allegiance. What does my new King stand for? How will he rule the Kingdom, and how easily can it crumble leaving nothing but a distant memory of what could have been lying in the rubble?
It appears those in the Kingdom of Zygethia under the leadership of King Zultra may be the first to experience the chaos and turmoil of this not so romantic breakup from within.

During my journeys I stumbled upon the House of Zabi and was made aware of the grievances they have with the King and why they leaving immediately to join King Dragor in the Kingdom of Nirath. I have transcribed our conversation so you, my dear Elyrians, can know the truth.


Bradford J. Wilshire: Care to shed any further light as to the start of your worries about Zultra as a king and the warning signs that led you to this decision?

Chip Lawrie – House of Zabi: “It wasn’t any one particular act that caused House Zabi to decide to split from Zygethia, more a combined set of acts, or proposed acts by Zultra and his most loyal followers. These dubious proposals combined with the fact that despite Zultra not having any real workable plan to become king there is a increasing sense of a ‘Cult of Personality developing around him – with his decisions being taken as infallible by his supporters and with those of us who disagree, or indeed try to gain allies of our own, threatened on the forums we felt that it was time to leave and focus on more profitable pastures.”


B: What would you consider some of the more controversial decisions or intentions?

HoZ: “Zultra’s most controversial decisions focus mainly on his military and taxation policies all of which seem determined to take away power, and income from his counts and place it all in his hands. Before several counts were able to talk him out of it he intended for taxes for the counties to be extracted by his tax collectors and returned to counts “if they needed it” On top of this his military policies were obviously thought out by someone who has no military experience or even the faintest of ideas about what they are doing. With a frankly insane set of levy rules and counter rules and a marked attempt to prevent any of his vassals having personal troops.”


B: Ah, and to top it off he [isn’t] even a Baron correct?

HoZ: “..the fact that Zultra has absolutely no plan for becoming king other than “If you talk about me a lot I can gain fame, and you’ll all support me militarily at great risk to yourselves but with basically no gain right” basically highlights that he has almost no chance of becoming king and House Zabi doesn’t want to risk itself on the whims of what amounts in game to an ambitious madman.”


An ambitious madman? I could tell there was a seed of distrust and discontent from the House of Zabi that I wanted to see for myself. I journeyed to visit the self-proclaimed King Zultra to discuss the matter further. Obviously I left with my life intact and a tale or two to tell..

B: I have been following some stories for early articles for The Elyria Herald, and I am reaching out to you to get your point of view on those who might not deem you a worthy king due to the structure and way you are approaching your kingdom, care to comment?

King Zultra: “People are entitled to their opinion on whether I am a “worthy king”, many do and are working diligently towards our goal, they see me as there king. We have stated clearly that we are a Feudal Kingdom, we are not a Democracy, we are doing well for ourselves, Zygethia is not my product but the product of its people”

B: How would you define someone as being a worthy King?

KZ: “I would define a worthy king as a king who can instantly gather followers without having to resort to finery or force. AKA Doesn’t need a fancy heritage or having to brutalize villages.”

B: What would you attribute your success to rallying members behind your kingdom?

KZ: “I am honest, down to earth and persistent, we have a shared vision plus who doesn’t want to work from ground up to overthrow a NPC king?”

B: What would you say to allegations that you are building a Cult personality where the opinions of others are held with little regard to your ultimate word?

KZ: I respect other peoples opinions and love for them to express them to me, but in a constructive way

B: Also how does your military support or oppress the ability of your vassals to have their own standing army or military force?

KZ: “Zygethia will have a standing, professional army since we have many PvP’ers who want to serve in such a role so we accommodate them, the Nobility has a duty to maintain the Royal Army Depots and recruitment centers, they have their own forces; the Royal Reserve – Levies which they can call in times of war but they can hire private guards and the like.”


Clearly I walked out of the room with my life, and while the King was certainly no madman to me, there was an eerie sense I picked up that could be a dark seed growing in a young kingdom. However the House of Zabi has a sensitivity to the people of Zygethia in their final statement to the kingdom.

“People of Zygethia, we the leaders of House Zabi come before you to announce that due to circumstance we will no longer be a part of Zygethia. We feel that there is not a cohesive, practicable plan to achieve the goals of the nation that adequately balances risk and reward for our house, and as such we have accepted an alternate offer from another kingdom. We feel we must stress that this has nothing to do with you as a people, since we feel you are exactly what Zultra deserves in his quest to achieve kinghood, and we hope to continue trading with you through the ETA in the years to come.”

For those of you reading this, I ask only the simple question of; ‘If you are to lay your allegiance down for another man, when would you question your allegiance?”

Until next time –

Be Bold, & Be Known,

Bradford J. Wilshire


Zultra Says Zygethia is Stable.


  1. Darien

    Surely this is taken out of proportion?, House Zabi is one house with the highest backer being a count, which the kingdom of Zygethia already has multiple of, in addition to having two confirmed dukes backing King Zultra in his goals to overthrow an NPC king, this alone gives him casus belli to raise to a count quickly, then to a duke, and finally to king. A process which is not going to be easy, is definitly going to provide a lot of amazing content for the players involved.

    But, to not stray too far off track here… It is a shame that the Mercantile house Zabi has chosen to leave the kingdom for another, and particularly while speaking so ill of things that really havent even been decided on; the focus on military that King Zultra may have had so far might be because there is a lack of information available? no single person can know for sure what types of system will be available to us at launch…

    But ill say it again, it is regrettable that House Zabi has taken such drastic measures seemingly without any attempt to talk to King Zultra about their worries themselves, but from the standpoint of the Kingdom, losing them has no effect.

  2. DeathScorpian

    Zygethia has a number of people dedicating a lot of money towards CoE, and by extension, the kingdom. If we doubted Zultra, we wouldn’t be in his kingdom.

  3. Lord Couper

    Fear-mongering from the part of House Zabi. We follow Zultra because he’s building a kingdom based on his ability to unite and rule a kingdom, not because he’s inherited the title and expects loyalty (AKA pledged $10,000).

  4. Barleyman

    It’s on the EU server so it won’t effect me either way, but I feel I should chip in. As an outsider I got a bad vibe from Zygethia almost immediately. It definitely feels like a cult of personality. Whether it is in actual fact doesn’t really matter because it’s the perception which is going to get you Zygethia. With that kind of air going on it will be hard to unite people of a more moderate temperament which will represent the majority of the player base going forward. I don’t see Zygethia maintaining a large following after launch.

    Additionally, I can confirm that Zygethian generals, or at least Zultra, have zero understanding of military science. No matter what the in-game mechanics turn out to be Zultra won’t get far if he leads his armies as he’s said in the forums. There are no mechanics on earth which will give his proposed tactics and strategies success.

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