I consider myself lucky, as my profession permits, I have a lot of leeway to chase a story. And even though on the surface, a story in a hamlet called the ‘Crescent Knoll’, could make any person in my situation roll his eyes. I was determined to give the Crescent Knoll a new breath of life, in its sad, miserable state, partly due to me gambling the last of my travel fund away. Unfortunately, it was looking pretty bleak when the only thing to write about that would closely resemble a ‘compelling piece’ was either the mediocre brews of the Rocky Basin Tavern or the occasional hoodlums that frequent the area. That is, until a traveling map-maker had discovered a rich vein of iron just a half days ride from the hamlet. As soon as word hit about the ‘mountains of iron’ that was just ’lying on the ground’ for anyone to take, a boom town was born.

The tiny hamlet of Crescent Knoll, which you’d need Angelica’s Blessing to find it on a map, was your run of the mill, agricultural community. It had its farmers, lumberjacks, a blacksmith and
carpenter. Pretty standard stuff. As soon as the first prospector came more and more prospectors trickled in, with a caravan of tools and digging equipment in tow. Pretty soon the Rocky Basin Tavern was at max capacity and couldn’t even keep any men in the stables.

Not only were the prospectors new to the Crescent Knolls, but rolling in on the tailcoats of the prospectors were the traveling merchant caravans, who to them, I suspect the Crescent Knolls look like anything else to them, coin. The merchants were quick to set up booths, sometimes right outside town, out of the back of road worn wagons. They’d sell necessary items, such as trail rations, replacement parts for broken mining equipment, in return for a direct access to iron ore. It was almost a symbiotic relationship, because these poor Crescent Knollers couldn’t purchase the ore fast enough. I’d come to find out this standard practice in boom towns, be it copper, silver or gems, miners will flood the local markets with precious metals, driving prices down. Merchants are key in stabilizing the market, trading their newly acquired goods in lucrative contracts back in the cities.

On a final note, readers. If you do happen to travel the roads to Crescent Knolls, please hire a body guard or two. In an attempt to glean more information about the direction Crescent Knolls was headed, due to its newfound wealth in iron, I attempted to schedule an interview with the Crescent Knolls Elder Councilmen, Rudolf Igman. In my short time tenure in this thriving hamlet, rapid expansion was in the works, with rumors of families migrating to settle in these rich lands. Unfortunately, I had only found out recently, that Elder Councilmen Igman had been indisposed (the word being passed around, murdered) due to an altercation that had transpired on the roads by a band of ruffians, looking to cash in on the hard work of others. Not only has the Crescent Knolls attracted prospectors and merchants alike, but the less savory types as well.

Remember, my loyal readers, protect your assets.
In this life and the next, I bid farewell for now.
~Merx Tandun