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Zygethia Responds to Death of King & Queen of Dol Aderyn

Official statement from Zygethia regarding death of King & Queen of Dol Aderyn
The Kingdom of Zygethia offers full condolences to the people of Dol Aderyn and we are determined to prevent the spread of such plagues as they are the enemy of mannkind.
We offer safety and shelter to the clean and healthy refugees that have fled Dol Aderyn, we however will not accept those carrying the plague to prevent the spread and to keep it locked within its birthplace.
Again we offer full sympathy to the dead and will ensure the survivors get the required care and shelter.
– Zultra

Dol Aderyn’s Collapse After The King & Queen Found Dead.

When I was young, we harvested a strange sort of flower called the Datura for the local markets. The Datura would only bloom one night out of the year, and it was imperative to harvest the flower on this night. Once the flower was cut, it would remain “frozen” in time and it’s perfume and beauty would last an entire year. I was always amazed how quickly this transformation took place. In the course of hours, small green shrubs turned into towers of white and purple flowers unfolding out of a tall green stem. If you returned the next morning, all that was left was a blanket of withered petals scorched from the morning sun.

Dear Elyrian, today we mourn not only two great leaders but also a great kingdom whose legacy will be one for Akashic Records. I still have a Datura from last year in my office and it serves as a reminder that something so beautiful can be easily lost overnight. Today I bring you the news of the death of King Evelake Rhyne & Queen Aelirenn Velithorne.

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The Warrior Queen of Dol Aderyn

What does one think of when the word Legends is said? Do they think of swashbuckling heroes, riding the waves to the Edge of Elyria? Or perhaps a man who would be King, gathering a group around him and daring any to defy his right to a crown. Well, my friends, I am Raulwicke Legendsinger, and I tell you that these and more are the Legends of our world.

Over the past few months, I have traveled Elyria in search of these Legends. Brave men and women who have transcended to mundane to become the tales we tell our children and our children’s children. The souls that once they have passed into the Akashic Record will forever be heralded as some of the greatest that ever graced our world. In my travels I have sat with Kings, Beggers, Counts, Journeymen, and common men. In these conversations, I have found that not all Kings are great, and not all commoners are common. In fact, that is the story I wish to tell you today.

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Meeting King “Miles” & The Future of Dol Aderyn

Dear Elyrians, and more importantly those of you from Dol Aderyn, I have reached the end of my search for King Miles. I have found myself in strange establishments, welcoming havens, and distant lands only to find the King of Dol Aderyn covered in mud in his very castle. All those days searching and wondering what the future of Dol Aderyn holds were quickly forgotten after such an intriguing encounter with the King. My ink is almost dry, and I may need a new quill after this riveting encounter.

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Uncovered: King of The South – Kalgos Valandrass

There was a bustle of activity upon arriving at The Elyria Herald this morning. In fact, many of our writers and readers were chattering about the most recent rumor. Who was this King of The South, and how did he appear out of nowhere? More importantly it challenged me as a writer and investigator. Which King was misleading me upon my previous journey? If you are asking yourself the same thing dear Elyrian, not to worry, I have answers.

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