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Nirath & Arkadia Strike Peace

The war led by Zygethia & Nirath against the kingdom of Arkadia might just be coming to a peaceful resolution. Peace talks between not just two but three warring kingdoms require a delicate touch, to say the least. Fortunately, I was able to find an opportunity to sit down with Dragor, King of Nirath as well as Raziel, ‘King’ of Arkadia.

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Zygethia Responds to Death of King & Queen of Dol Aderyn

Official statement from Zygethia regarding death of King & Queen of Dol Aderyn
The Kingdom of Zygethia offers full condolences to the people of Dol Aderyn and we are determined to prevent the spread of such plagues as they are the enemy of mannkind.
We offer safety and shelter to the clean and healthy refugees that have fled Dol Aderyn, we however will not accept those carrying the plague to prevent the spread and to keep it locked within its birthplace.
Again we offer full sympathy to the dead and will ensure the survivors get the required care and shelter.
– Zultra

Arkadia’s Response To Zygethia & Nirath

The Shady Pig. Not the most flattering of names for a tavern, but their Butter Ale runs smooth all night long. I spent some time listening to the conversations happening after the news of Zygethia & Nirath declaring war on Arkadia was announced. I have not spent much time in Arkadia, but the people seem to be rallied behind their fervent leader Duke (“King”) Raziel Alexandros Iulii of Arkadia. In fact, I was able to bear witness to a rather boisterous speech.

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War! Nirath & Zygethia Draw Swords on Arkadia

I was having a lovely afternoon today. It always seems that the news comes in a whirlwind right as I return from a journey. Yesterday was one of those days. Zultra alerted me of an official statement declaring war. No, it was not a war against Nirath. Rather it was a war against Arkadia alongside Nirath.

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Zygethia Announces War on Arkadia


official statement of zygethia

Greetings people of Elyria!

Today I bring to you news as we sweat at our forges and sharpen our blades. Zygethia will no longer stand for the covert actions taken against us in our times of peace. We are picking up our arms, training our troops for what is to be a glorious battle.

Our close friend Arkadia has committed hidden atrocities towards us and other kingdoms. Trying to sway citizens with dark whispers of gold and land. So we heat our forges and we bring forth our steel, for today we prepare for war. As our bannermen rally their soldiers and call to arms the willing, the houses of Zygethia prepares for the long march. We do not stand alone in this. The great kingdom of Nirath has had similar dark whispers spread throughout their kingdom. They open their armories and prepare their men, the flames of Nirath cannot be quenched, for it hungers for the swift end of its opposers.

The Kingdoms Zygethia and Nirath will ride together against this mutual enemy, for in this war, we are brothers-in-arms. So we raise our banners and outfit our soldiers. As our trisons haul boulders and trebuchets alike. Our commanders sharpen their minds and lower their gaze upon the kingdom of Arkadia, for it is there we will abolish the whispers that have been sent to our lands.

-King Zultra of Zygethia

A Royal Wedding in Zygethia?

I never would have imagined that working at the Herald would result in bagging big scoops so soon, but I heard a great story in the office today! I was tidying up Master Wilshire’s grammar when I heard the news, and since I’ve only recently begun working here as an editor, perhaps you can imagine my surprise when the man himself told me I could try my hand at tackling the tale.

Of course, as he said it, he was juggling scribbled notes, had a quill poking out of the corner of his mouth, and was covered in dust from the road. Honestly, I don’t know how he gets around so much without falling over!

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Zygethia Responds to Competition & Document Leaks


Good evening,

First off I’d like to say that we indeed have a scribe noting our discussions and ideas that were brought up. This way we can keep track of all the ideas that were brainstormed during the session and not forget any of them. However, unfortunately, the document has been misunderstood by those deciphering it.

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Official Zygethia Documents Leaked!

Sometimes, there is a misunderstanding, a slip-up, even an oversight within kingdoms. Then there are acts of treason and treachery. It’s common for trust to come at a high price these days, and I fear tomorrow, we may not trust anyone. Nevertheless, my dear readers, you can be confident in The Elyria Herald to be transparent, objective, and willing to listen to anyone, even if just over a cup of tea. (No, not blood tea Rowena, however, I have missed our walks.) Today we share a document that was presented to us by an un-named citizen. 

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Zultra: The Misunderstood King?

It’s easy for us to forget where we come from. Often times I catch myself wondering where I would be if it wasn’t for my burning desire to chase the next story. My parents spent their whole lives tending the flocks and fields under the sun. Perhaps that could have been my destiny had strange circumstances catapulted my writing in front of so many of you. This thought spurred a detour from my journey and I decided to sit down with an old friend, Zultra of Zygethia. I wanted to ask him about his roots, and the criticism for seeking the crown.

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Zygethia Says Open Borders are Good

OFFICIAL STATEMENT regarding open border policy – KING ZULTRA OF ZYGETHIA:

Zygethia believes in the right of diplomacy and to encourage this, King Zultra himself goes to various kingdoms to initiate good relations with those that do not oppose us.

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