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The Elyrian Trade Alliance Welcomes the Competition!

OFFICIAL NOTICE FROM The elyrian trade alliance:

“It has come to the attention of the Council of Counts that the members the Council of Zygethia have formed a national trading guild. Zygethian planning documents leaked to the Elyrian Trade Alliance by members placed within Romaria, a Zygethian county, have shown that Zygethia’s Council, in an attempt to emulate the economic benefits of the ETA have decided to form their own trading guild.

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Zultra: The Misunderstood King?

It’s easy for us to forget where we come from. Often times I catch myself wondering where I would be if it wasn’t for my burning desire to chase the next story. My parents spent their whole lives tending the flocks and fields under the sun. Perhaps that could have been my destiny had strange circumstances catapulted my writing in front of so many of you. This thought spurred a detour from my journey and I decided to sit down with an old friend, Zultra of Zygethia. I wanted to ask him about his roots, and the criticism for seeking the crown.

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Zygethia Says Open Borders are Good

OFFICIAL STATEMENT regarding open border policy – KING ZULTRA OF ZYGETHIA:

Zygethia believes in the right of diplomacy and to encourage this, King Zultra himself goes to various kingdoms to initiate good relations with those that do not oppose us.

King Dragor Supports Open Borders for Nirath

I’ve yet to grasp what happened exactly
But I am ashamed of some of the hostility that occurred, Nirath is a hearth for all and a guest house for all to take shelter in.
All are welcome, friends or foes, we turn no one back if they don’t bring the sword to our gates.
As an old thing I’ve learned from my good father, if a man is to be your enemy, have the courtesy to meet them face to face and tell it to their face.

Treason or Tantrum?

The sun was bright this morning, the smell of fresh Canis rabbit cooking over a bed of hot coals reminded me I was alive. After all the pungent aroma of such a creature only has two reactions in people. One either looses their last meal, or subconsciously licks their lips in anticipation. Being from the farm myself, I found that my now growling stomach hadn’t forgotten the taste of Canis. Ah, memories.

However this isn’t to share the delicacy of canis, or debate it’s polarizing taste. Rather I must inform you about an even I was merely a witness to.

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Uncovered: King of The South – Kalgos Valandrass

There was a bustle of activity upon arriving at The Elyria Herald this morning. In fact, many of our writers and readers were chattering about the most recent rumor. Who was this King of The South, and how did he appear out of nowhere? More importantly it challenged me as a writer and investigator. Which King was misleading me upon my previous journey? If you are asking yourself the same thing dear Elyrian, not to worry, I have answers.

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The Kings & Queens Begin Their Reign.

With the rumblings from the Kingdom of Zygethia losing supporters, it has highlighted two types of Kings (and one Queen!) that are establishing their kingdoms. Those who inherited their throne from the family, and those who are building a following to take a kingdom for their own by self-proclamation. In my most recent journey across the kingdoms, I was able to speak to many of the monarchs and discuss their roots & aspirations.

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Zultra Says Zygethia is Stable.

At this point most EU players have all heard of The Kingdom of Zygethia at one point, now im here to fill you in on things you might not know! Other than what you may already know The Kingdom of Zygethia aims to provide different content for all types of players in CoE, and no matter what you aim to accomplish be it from crafting, exploring, farming, trading, administrative roles to climbing the ladder in the army, there will always be a place for you in the Kingdom.

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Is Zygethia Crumbling From Within?

As people are gathering to Kings, Houses, and new leaders we must ask ourselves the basis on which we pledge our allegiance. What does my new King stand for? How will he rule the Kingdom, and how easily can it crumble leaving nothing but a distant memory of what could have been lying in the rubble?
It appears those in the Kingdom of Zygethia under the leadership of King Zultra may be the first to experience the chaos and turmoil of this not so romantic breakup from within.

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