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Nirath & Arkadia Strike Peace

The war led by Zygethia & Nirath against the kingdom of Arkadia might just be coming to a peaceful resolution. Peace talks between not just two but three warring kingdoms require a delicate touch, to say the least. Fortunately, I was able to find an opportunity to sit down with Dragor, King of Nirath as well as Raziel, ‘King’ of Arkadia.

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Arkadia’s Response To Zygethia & Nirath

The Shady Pig. Not the most flattering of names for a tavern, but their Butter Ale runs smooth all night long. I spent some time listening to the conversations happening after the news of Zygethia & Nirath declaring war on Arkadia was announced. I have not spent much time in Arkadia, but the people seem to be rallied behind their fervent leader Duke (“King”) Raziel Alexandros Iulii of Arkadia. In fact, I was able to bear witness to a rather boisterous speech.

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War! Nirath & Zygethia Draw Swords on Arkadia

I was having a lovely afternoon today. It always seems that the news comes in a whirlwind right as I return from a journey. Yesterday was one of those days. Zultra alerted me of an official statement declaring war. No, it was not a war against Nirath. Rather it was a war against Arkadia alongside Nirath.

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Zygethia Announces War on Arkadia


official statement of zygethia

Greetings people of Elyria!

Today I bring to you news as we sweat at our forges and sharpen our blades. Zygethia will no longer stand for the covert actions taken against us in our times of peace. We are picking up our arms, training our troops for what is to be a glorious battle.

Our close friend Arkadia has committed hidden atrocities towards us and other kingdoms. Trying to sway citizens with dark whispers of gold and land. So we heat our forges and we bring forth our steel, for today we prepare for war. As our bannermen rally their soldiers and call to arms the willing, the houses of Zygethia prepares for the long march. We do not stand alone in this. The great kingdom of Nirath has had similar dark whispers spread throughout their kingdom. They open their armories and prepare their men, the flames of Nirath cannot be quenched, for it hungers for the swift end of its opposers.

The Kingdoms Zygethia and Nirath will ride together against this mutual enemy, for in this war, we are brothers-in-arms. So we raise our banners and outfit our soldiers. As our trisons haul boulders and trebuchets alike. Our commanders sharpen their minds and lower their gaze upon the kingdom of Arkadia, for it is there we will abolish the whispers that have been sent to our lands.

-King Zultra of Zygethia

Nirath Closes Its Most Popular Tavern

It’s come to my attention in the recent days that rumors have been circulating about potentially questionable sources reporting on spies in Nirath, and these rumors have caused the immediate closure of all the taverns in Nirath. Not assuming anything, I decided to set out and seek the real story behind the tavern closures in Nirath. What better place to start than an audience with the King of Nirath, Dragor himself? I sent a runner to humbly request an audience with the King at his earliest convenience. I wasn’t disappointed when Dragor arrived.

I could hear the loud laughter he brought with him as he passed through the hall. Almost as soon as I heard the laughter, he was already knocking on the door, and walking briskly into the office. Before I could even greet him, his jovial voice was already filling the room:

“Good evening to you, Mr.Wilshire!” Dragor said with a cheeky smile on his face.

“I wonder if you’ve seen this? Hilarious!” he said laughing, and then he pulled a small tabloid out of his pocket, passing it across my desk.

“29% it claims, might as well tax the good people their first-borns!” Seating himself, Dragor shook his head in amusement, and took a moment to consider his next words.

“Ah, the good people, you tell it to their face, and they don’t believe you. But they will gladly believe something written to them by such suspicious sources.” His eyes hardly touched the tabloid before meeting mine with an inquisitive gaze.

“Now, why in the name of all that is holy, would we close all the taverns across the kingdom? That is just beyond stupidity, even if they were infested by, as they claim, spies. But after all I can understand the desire of fantasy writers, they need something enticing to keep food on their plates.”

The King paused with a deep sigh, “As it is, we did close a certain establishment, which is known for hosting diplomats and important visitors to the capital of the Kingdom, but that is only for a short time. With Nirath expanding and progressing faster than ever, our establishments need to reflect that to the world, and so we are re-branding this establishment, improving it and expanding it, to host more visitors and give them a better experience appropriate to their ranks and stature in our capital city. Not to worry, the ‘Drunken Phoenix’ will open its door once again shortly, and all our honored guests can look forward to it!”

Just as quickly and cheerfully as he entered, Dragor began to stand, and said, “With that being said, I thank you for hosting me, it is always a pleasure to visit your establishment, Mr. Wilshire!”  With that, and without letting me get a word in edgewise, he left my office in true kingly fashion.

Dragor is an old friend of mine, and yet it never ceases to amaze me the way he carries himself, ready to answer any question, and even the next ones, somehow, before they even come off my lips. I knew the tabloid article he referred to was filled with questionable assumptions at best. I had seen the old tavern he mentioned; it was a crowded and confusing establishment, to say the least. I am glad to hear they are improving such a cornerstone for visitors and diplomats alike. Needless to say after listening to him chatter away, I find myself yearning for the Dark Ales from Nirath, and look forward to my next journey there to try the new and improved “Drunken Phoenix” for myself. Spies or not, I am happy to see a place for a community to blossom.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire

King Dragor Supports Open Borders for Nirath

I’ve yet to grasp what happened exactly
But I am ashamed of some of the hostility that occurred, Nirath is a hearth for all and a guest house for all to take shelter in.
All are welcome, friends or foes, we turn no one back if they don’t bring the sword to our gates.
As an old thing I’ve learned from my good father, if a man is to be your enemy, have the courtesy to meet them face to face and tell it to their face.

Treason or Tantrum?

The sun was bright this morning, the smell of fresh Canis rabbit cooking over a bed of hot coals reminded me I was alive. After all the pungent aroma of such a creature only has two reactions in people. One either looses their last meal, or subconsciously licks their lips in anticipation. Being from the farm myself, I found that my now growling stomach hadn’t forgotten the taste of Canis. Ah, memories.

However this isn’t to share the delicacy of canis, or debate it’s polarizing taste. Rather I must inform you about an even I was merely a witness to.

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Uncovered: King of The South – Kalgos Valandrass

There was a bustle of activity upon arriving at The Elyria Herald this morning. In fact, many of our writers and readers were chattering about the most recent rumor. Who was this King of The South, and how did he appear out of nowhere? More importantly it challenged me as a writer and investigator. Which King was misleading me upon my previous journey? If you are asking yourself the same thing dear Elyrian, not to worry, I have answers.

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