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Uncovered: King of The South – Kalgos Valandrass

There was a bustle of activity upon arriving at The Elyria Herald this morning. In fact, many of our writers and readers were chattering about the most recent rumor. Who was this King of The South, and how did he appear out of nowhere? More importantly it challenged me as a writer and investigator. Which King was misleading me upon my previous journey? If you are asking yourself the same thing dear Elyrian, not to worry, I have answers.

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Canis Rabbit Invasion Imminent?

Briarfield is a typical frontier village – a scattering of homes around the local watering hole. Twelve families call this village home, most earning their livelihoods as farmers and woodcutters. But not all is as it seems in this bucolic setting, if the local county government office is to believed. “Canis rabbits are no longer just a pest, they are a plague for our brave frontiersmen and women.”

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The Kings & Queens Begin Their Reign.

With the rumblings from the Kingdom of Zygethia losing supporters, it has highlighted two types of Kings (and one Queen!) that are establishing their kingdoms. Those who inherited their throne from the family, and those who are building a following to take a kingdom for their own by self-proclamation. In my most recent journey across the kingdoms, I was able to speak to many of the monarchs and discuss their roots & aspirations.

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