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A Royal Wedding in Zygethia?

I never would have imagined that working at the Herald would result in bagging big scoops so soon, but I heard a great story in the office today! I was tidying up Master Wilshire’s grammar when I heard the news, and since I’ve only recently begun working here as an editor, perhaps you can imagine my surprise when the man himself told me I could try my hand at tackling the tale.

Of course, as he said it, he was juggling scribbled notes, had a quill poking out of the corner of his mouth, and was covered in dust from the road. Honestly, I don’t know how he gets around so much without falling over!

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Uncovering The Laughing Coffin

I have been seeking to interview someone from the Laughing Coffin for quite some time now. This guild is rumored to harbor the most brutal and unpredictable people of each Kingdom. Some say they operate outside the law, others think they are purely a menace to society. Nevertheless, there are always two sides to a story, and I set out to hear directly from the leader of the Laughing Coffin, Lo-Taren. 

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Jovial Brothers of The Children of Mann

Often I find myself pondering the simple things as I journey through the Kingdoms. Today the road is dusty, and the sun is hot on my neck. My mother always nagged me to keep a wet scarf around my neck when working in the fields as a child. How I wished I had one now. At least my stop earlier was enough to get me through the rest of today. Don’t worry, dear reader, this isn’t a weather report, I write you to share a hidden gem within Elyria.

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Meeting King “Miles” & The Future of Dol Aderyn

Dear Elyrians, and more importantly those of you from Dol Aderyn, I have reached the end of my search for King Miles. I have found myself in strange establishments, welcoming havens, and distant lands only to find the King of Dol Aderyn covered in mud in his very castle. All those days searching and wondering what the future of Dol Aderyn holds were quickly forgotten after such an intriguing encounter with the King. My ink is almost dry, and I may need a new quill after this riveting encounter.

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Nirath Closes Its Most Popular Tavern

It’s come to my attention in the recent days that rumors have been circulating about potentially questionable sources reporting on spies in Nirath, and these rumors have caused the immediate closure of all the taverns in Nirath. Not assuming anything, I decided to set out and seek the real story behind the tavern closures in Nirath. What better place to start than an audience with the King of Nirath, Dragor himself? I sent a runner to humbly request an audience with the King at his earliest convenience. I wasn’t disappointed when Dragor arrived.

I could hear the loud laughter he brought with him as he passed through the hall. Almost as soon as I heard the laughter, he was already knocking on the door, and walking briskly into the office. Before I could even greet him, his jovial voice was already filling the room:

“Good evening to you, Mr.Wilshire!” Dragor said with a cheeky smile on his face.

“I wonder if you’ve seen this? Hilarious!” he said laughing, and then he pulled a small tabloid out of his pocket, passing it across my desk.

“29% it claims, might as well tax the good people their first-borns!” Seating himself, Dragor shook his head in amusement, and took a moment to consider his next words.

“Ah, the good people, you tell it to their face, and they don’t believe you. But they will gladly believe something written to them by such suspicious sources.” His eyes hardly touched the tabloid before meeting mine with an inquisitive gaze.

“Now, why in the name of all that is holy, would we close all the taverns across the kingdom? That is just beyond stupidity, even if they were infested by, as they claim, spies. But after all I can understand the desire of fantasy writers, they need something enticing to keep food on their plates.”

The King paused with a deep sigh, “As it is, we did close a certain establishment, which is known for hosting diplomats and important visitors to the capital of the Kingdom, but that is only for a short time. With Nirath expanding and progressing faster than ever, our establishments need to reflect that to the world, and so we are re-branding this establishment, improving it and expanding it, to host more visitors and give them a better experience appropriate to their ranks and stature in our capital city. Not to worry, the ‘Drunken Phoenix’ will open its door once again shortly, and all our honored guests can look forward to it!”

Just as quickly and cheerfully as he entered, Dragor began to stand, and said, “With that being said, I thank you for hosting me, it is always a pleasure to visit your establishment, Mr. Wilshire!”  With that, and without letting me get a word in edgewise, he left my office in true kingly fashion.

Dragor is an old friend of mine, and yet it never ceases to amaze me the way he carries himself, ready to answer any question, and even the next ones, somehow, before they even come off my lips. I knew the tabloid article he referred to was filled with questionable assumptions at best. I had seen the old tavern he mentioned; it was a crowded and confusing establishment, to say the least. I am glad to hear they are improving such a cornerstone for visitors and diplomats alike. Needless to say after listening to him chatter away, I find myself yearning for the Dark Ales from Nirath, and look forward to my next journey there to try the new and improved “Drunken Phoenix” for myself. Spies or not, I am happy to see a place for a community to blossom.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire

Zygethia Responds to Competition & Document Leaks


Good evening,

First off I’d like to say that we indeed have a scribe noting our discussions and ideas that were brought up. This way we can keep track of all the ideas that were brainstormed during the session and not forget any of them. However, unfortunately, the document has been misunderstood by those deciphering it.

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Official Zygethia Documents Leaked!

Sometimes, there is a misunderstanding, a slip-up, even an oversight within kingdoms. Then there are acts of treason and treachery. It’s common for trust to come at a high price these days, and I fear tomorrow, we may not trust anyone. Nevertheless, my dear readers, you can be confident in The Elyria Herald to be transparent, objective, and willing to listen to anyone, even if just over a cup of tea. (No, not blood tea Rowena, however, I have missed our walks.) Today we share a document that was presented to us by an un-named citizen. 

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The Elyrian Trade Alliance Welcomes the Competition!

OFFICIAL NOTICE FROM The elyrian trade alliance:

“It has come to the attention of the Council of Counts that the members the Council of Zygethia have formed a national trading guild. Zygethian planning documents leaked to the Elyrian Trade Alliance by members placed within Romaria, a Zygethian county, have shown that Zygethia’s Council, in an attempt to emulate the economic benefits of the ETA have decided to form their own trading guild.

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Zultra: The Misunderstood King?

It’s easy for us to forget where we come from. Often times I catch myself wondering where I would be if it wasn’t for my burning desire to chase the next story. My parents spent their whole lives tending the flocks and fields under the sun. Perhaps that could have been my destiny had strange circumstances catapulted my writing in front of so many of you. This thought spurred a detour from my journey and I decided to sit down with an old friend, Zultra of Zygethia. I wanted to ask him about his roots, and the criticism for seeking the crown.

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What Lies Beyond the Oceans?

For quite some time now, I have heard some rumors in the saloons about some people planning on going on, “a cross-oceans suicidal mission“. The idea first came to me as unthinkable, as nobody has ever come back from sailing out that far. But this time I soon realized, with the rumors distilling into pristine information, they might actually achieve the impossible…

Determined to seek out the truth, I have joined some of the meetings of the missions’ supporters. In fact, as explorer and reporter myself, I am well informed on the main reason of the failure of previous similar attempts: communication. Indeed, the further they go into the oceans, the more risk they take, therefore they are less likely to return with their discoveries. But this time, they are planning on a completely different approach. What if, Gods forbid, they never plan to return?

Indeed,this is why the supporters call the mission suicidal themselves. Firstly, I thought it is some kind of joke to show off their courage, but I soon understood they actually mean it, and it is exactly why I think they might succeed. No, dear Elyrians, I have not lost my mind, let me tell you the magic word first: telepathic bond. It is known that among the well-born Elyrians, there is often some kind of telepathic bond among the closest family members, allowing them to communicate remotely and without delay. Using this bond, sailors will be able to tell their relatives about their discoveries.

The organizer of this expedition, known by the name of Kirvin, is determined to make this project a reality. I had the opportunity to arrange an interview with him, let’s peek into the mind of this bold explorer.

Gharen Yang: I have heard that you are planning on forming an expedition to explore the oceans, can you tell our readers about your main ideas? And maybe a bit about yourself too?

Kirvin: Really the idea is just to go across the ocean and see if we can find land or the edge of the world if there is one. I just like exploring the open world, you know. Curiosity plays a big role in it. If you’ve read the classic tales, there’s always a whole world full of secrets and when you, for instance, see a cave or island on the map you want to go see what is there. It’s like that I’d say.

GY: “Is it true that you plan to go as far as you could, and will never turn back?”

K: “At least until I hit another continent. I wouldn’t stop at an island but I would stop at a continent to get a base of operations set up for exploring it. Honestly, I am not afraid of dying on my journey. My family is here on the Continent, I have already said farewell and planned every eventuality. Depending on how successful my journey will be, my family might be inspired and consider ocean traveling again, but who knows. Personally, I wouldn’t bother coming back to the Continent. I don’t think I’d really have a reason to.”

GY: “So, how many supporters do you have now? Do you have an estimate of the crew members for the final expedition?”

K: “No idea. I just put up the discussion in the saloons so that it’s much easier to organize when there’s actually something to do. And I don’t really see any reason to have a limit on the amount of people that want to come. I suppose if we run out of boats and supplies and can’t get more we would have to limit it.”

GY: “Now, let’s talk about the organization of the expedition, have you already decided on any specific plans? Do you foresee any major difficulties you will need to handle?”

K: “Nope. We are at a very early stage of the project, there are a lot of unknown about what to come, so there’s no point making any plans yet.”

GY: “And finally, can you share a guess about what you might find beyond the oceans? Or maybe what you expect to find?”

K: “It only depends on what the Destiny and the Gods have planned for us honestly. I suppose I’d expect another continent like ours, but maybe with different spreads of biomes. And who knows what else awaits us. After all, the arch-prophet Caspian said once that the Destiny would eventually bind the Continents…”

During the interview, I have attempted, like a mermaid luring sailors, to raise up different scenarios (discoveries of hidden bounties or ancient relics, mutiny during the expedition…) to test the resolve of Sir Kirvin. Nothing seemed to phase him, his mind is so focused on this one sole goal, exploration. And it seems like this resolve is shared among the missions supporters who accepted to share their thoughts with me:

Amberic: “I chose to go on this expedition because of the sheer audacity of it. It is a terrible risk, but terrible risks can lead to great profit. No mindless creature would purposefully choose to do such a thing. Such ventures are the province of Mann, and by undertaking them, so do we prove ourselves.”

Ragnar Ragnarsson: “I have signed up for this so that I can be one of the first to see the edge of the world. If I die doing so then all I can say is there are far more boring ways to end one’s time in this world.”

Facing this collective display of unshakable determination, I was moved in spite of my usual skepticism and I can not help the growth of this feverous question in my mind : what lies beyond the oceans?

From your faithful reporter,

Knowledge from Information, Wisdom from Knowledge

Gharen of the House Yang

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