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The Kings & Queens Begin Their Reign.

With the rumblings from the Kingdom of Zygethia losing supporters, it has highlighted two types of Kings (and one Queen!) that are establishing their kingdoms. Those who inherited their throne from the family, and those who are building a following to take a kingdom for their own by self-proclamation. In my most recent journey across the kingdoms, I was able to speak to many of the monarchs and discuss their roots & aspirations.

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Zultra Says Zygethia is Stable.

At this point most EU players have all heard of The Kingdom of Zygethia at one point, now im here to fill you in on things you might not know! Other than what you may already know The Kingdom of Zygethia aims to provide different content for all types of players in CoE, and no matter what you aim to accomplish be it from crafting, exploring, farming, trading, administrative roles to climbing the ladder in the army, there will always be a place for you in the Kingdom.

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Is Zygethia Crumbling From Within?

As people are gathering to Kings, Houses, and new leaders we must ask ourselves the basis on which we pledge our allegiance. What does my new King stand for? How will he rule the Kingdom, and how easily can it crumble leaving nothing but a distant memory of what could have been lying in the rubble?
It appears those in the Kingdom of Zygethia under the leadership of King Zultra may be the first to experience the chaos and turmoil of this not so romantic breakup from within.

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