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Jameson Wilshire: A Tribute To A Jolly Giant

It has been the longest journey I have taken to date, yet the shortest in distance. I return to you dear readers, even if just briefly before I continue settling my father’s affairs. Many of you have been patient and supportive to not only The Elyria Herald but to me personally as well. I thank you for that and am excited to share a memory of my dear old dad.

It started back on the farm. Mum and dad weren’t of nobility or from a family with carts full of gold. We didn’t have servants, squires, or jesters yet dad seemed to make my brother and I feel like we owned the kingdoms, were valiant knights, and we would laugh all day long. My dad, Jameson Wilshire wasn’t defined by his work to the king as a farmer. Rather he will be remembered by his booming voice, jovial nature, and by every passer-by who met him. Over 2 meters tall, you didn’t forget Farmer Jameson, and he certainly never met a stranger.

Something that has come to mind these past few days, was his ability to tease his way to friendship. Growing up we learned quickly that his practical jokes meant love, but it also kept us on our toes. A favorite story of mine was when I was still a young Elyrian, toddling around the world, dad decided to drop a cold stone from the river down my shorts. He used to sit and drink black tea with these cold stones from the river to recover from a long day’s work. This evening, in particular, was no different, and he had the added joy of watching me dance around with a cold stone in my shorts. Mum shouted something from the front of the cottage and dad got up to investigate.

I was only a young boy, I could barely walk, but I waltzed around to and fro trying to reach the cold stone before it froze me to death. As I stumbled I remember the relief of dislodging this horror from my pants.

Mum and dad came back around to enjoy the sunset and found that I had resumed my playtime. My dad took a big drink and with a cheeky grin asked if I had gotten the cold-stone out of my pants. I nodded as I played with my wooden horse. Mum, seeing no stone around, asked where I had put it.

I looked up at my dad and with all the pride I could muster, pointed at his large cup of black tea. Mum couldn’t contain herself, her laughter was the highlight of my evening as my dad realized the cold-stone he had put in my shorts just moments before, was at the bottom of his drink. He looked at me with surprise, dumped his large drink out, and with a big grin said;

“Well done son. You are already turning out to be a great Wilshire.”

Words like these are etched in our memories, moments that live on past death. I hope you too have a memory of your loved ones. If not, take a moment today and make one, you won’t regret it.

Until next time,

Be Bold. Be Known.
Bradford J. Wilshire

The Leviathan That Lurks In The Shadows Eyes Vornair

I find it fascinating the ways I hear from my dear readers these days. It seems that even the ‘unsavory’ types read an article or two in the dark alleys and secret taverns. When I arrived home from writing a few notes on my latest story last night, I saw a note with a flower pinned to my door with a dagger. Unfortunately, there was blood on the dagger, so I decided to leave it be and rip the note off to give it a closer look. I only hope the blood was strictly symbolic, and not indicative of a lost soul. The note read like this:

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Nirath & Arkadia Strike Peace

The war led by Zygethia & Nirath against the kingdom of Arkadia might just be coming to a peaceful resolution. Peace talks between not just two but three warring kingdoms require a delicate touch, to say the least. Fortunately, I was able to find an opportunity to sit down with Dragor, King of Nirath as well as Raziel, ‘King’ of Arkadia.

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Zygethia Responds to Death of King & Queen of Dol Aderyn

Official statement from Zygethia regarding death of King & Queen of Dol Aderyn
The Kingdom of Zygethia offers full condolences to the people of Dol Aderyn and we are determined to prevent the spread of such plagues as they are the enemy of mannkind.
We offer safety and shelter to the clean and healthy refugees that have fled Dol Aderyn, we however will not accept those carrying the plague to prevent the spread and to keep it locked within its birthplace.
Again we offer full sympathy to the dead and will ensure the survivors get the required care and shelter.
– Zultra

Dol Aderyn’s Collapse After The King & Queen Found Dead.

When I was young, we harvested a strange sort of flower called the Datura for the local markets. The Datura would only bloom one night out of the year, and it was imperative to harvest the flower on this night. Once the flower was cut, it would remain “frozen” in time and it’s perfume and beauty would last an entire year. I was always amazed how quickly this transformation took place. In the course of hours, small green shrubs turned into towers of white and purple flowers unfolding out of a tall green stem. If you returned the next morning, all that was left was a blanket of withered petals scorched from the morning sun.

Dear Elyrian, today we mourn not only two great leaders but also a great kingdom whose legacy will be one for Akashic Records. I still have a Datura from last year in my office and it serves as a reminder that something so beautiful can be easily lost overnight. Today I bring you the news of the death of King Evelake Rhyne & Queen Aelirenn Velithorne.

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Arkadia’s Response To Zygethia & Nirath

The Shady Pig. Not the most flattering of names for a tavern, but their Butter Ale runs smooth all night long. I spent some time listening to the conversations happening after the news of Zygethia & Nirath declaring war on Arkadia was announced. I have not spent much time in Arkadia, but the people seem to be rallied behind their fervent leader Duke (“King”) Raziel Alexandros Iulii of Arkadia. In fact, I was able to bear witness to a rather boisterous speech.

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Power Shift: Will Common Folk Lead The Kingdoms?

Kingdoms are not always destroyed by towering siege weapons, armies that shake the ground with their marching, or Kings with tactical prowess. Sometimes kingdoms crumble from within. It starts with an idea, a belief so small that it seems innocent in its conception. Slowly it grows to influence more of the decisions we make. It becomes the core of what the Kingdom’s people believe until one day, that belief is acted upon.

No need to be fearful dear reader, I don’t assume that all ideas or new beliefs can bring a Kingdom to it’s knees. I believe these ideas are few and far between. In fact there are often seeds of ideas that instead of crumbling a kingdom, bring it into a new age, and enlightenment. Change can be good, and if you find yourself on the “right” side of change you can become a very wealthy and powerful leader in the new order. Today I found two men who want to bring a vast change to our kingdoms, as for where this change will lead us, I leave to your wise mind.

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The Warrior Queen of Dol Aderyn

What does one think of when the word Legends is said? Do they think of swashbuckling heroes, riding the waves to the Edge of Elyria? Or perhaps a man who would be King, gathering a group around him and daring any to defy his right to a crown. Well, my friends, I am Raulwicke Legendsinger, and I tell you that these and more are the Legends of our world.

Over the past few months, I have traveled Elyria in search of these Legends. Brave men and women who have transcended to mundane to become the tales we tell our children and our children’s children. The souls that once they have passed into the Akashic Record will forever be heralded as some of the greatest that ever graced our world. In my travels I have sat with Kings, Beggers, Counts, Journeymen, and common men. In these conversations, I have found that not all Kings are great, and not all commoners are common. In fact, that is the story I wish to tell you today.

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War! Nirath & Zygethia Draw Swords on Arkadia

I was having a lovely afternoon today. It always seems that the news comes in a whirlwind right as I return from a journey. Yesterday was one of those days. Zultra alerted me of an official statement declaring war. No, it was not a war against Nirath. Rather it was a war against Arkadia alongside Nirath.

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Will Treason or Liberation Be The Answer Arkadia Needs?

Don’t worry dear reader, I don’t use the word treason lightly. In fact, there are many cogs that must turn at the right time for any kingdom to find itself in the hands of a new leader. I have had the pleasure of speaking with the self-proclaimed “King” Raziel of Arkadia, who currently resides as one of three Dukes in the land who wish to take Arkadia back from the tyranny that has ruled the lands.

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