Bradford J. Wilshire

Editor & Owner
Bradford J. Wilshire grew up on the outskirts of a small village in Elyria. While his parents happily farmed every day for the kingdom, Bradford quickly longed for more than the hot sun and rugged winters. At first he wanted to wield a sword, ride the Trisons, or draw maps to distant lands, but as he grew older he realized the deep political strings that were being played all around him. At a young age he saw the exchange of money for the bribes they were, the decrees for the oppressive bloodlust from a childhood squabble, and in the end decided to show others what seemed so obvious to him. Thus the Elyria Herald was born.
Standing at two meters tall he is not easily missed, and it’s apparent he grew up tending the fields by the callouses on his hands. Broad shoulders and a cut jaw enhance the rustic red hair that everyone has come to know him by. Many would first think he was a soldier, but upon noticing the kind blue eyes know there is no blood on his hands. His signature cloak is white with a brown vest underneath and he always his pen & parchment nearby.