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This page will be slightly different than any other you will find on this site. This will be the only page you will find that is OCC (Out of Character). The Elyria Herald was founded under a character that I created named Bradford J. Wilshire for the sole purpose of representing the news across all of Elyria so people can quickly keep up with the story and kingdom events! I decided to do this from the in-character perspective and narrative for the purpose of helping to develop a rich story to look back on. You won’t get updates about Soulbound Studios, the progress of the game, etc, and comments referring to OCC elements will be edited [with editorial notice] or simply not approved. Everything you see on the rest of this site will be from the in-character perspective as we hope to provide a wealth and depth for everyone who enjoys RP (role play) within their games.

I will note that as Chronicles of Elyria progresses as a game we intend to meet those demands both in-game and out-of-game. We have some fun things planned for this site alone, including;

  •  Obituaries to report on recent deaths of people across the Kingdoms
  •  Wanted Individuals for those who have a bounty on their head
  •  Missed Connections for those who were “Ships passing in the night”

These will most likely be developed in the Exposition phase of the game, as we learn more about the game mechanics in Beta testing.

Want to show your support for the Elyria Herald?

Awesome! We would love to have you join our public discord channel to keep up with the most recent stories and news! Our community is growing and there is plenty of banter.

If you want to support us with a few real-world dollars, we are putting that towards excellent OCC Synopsis of the news, server hosting expenses, and a bunch of other great perks is also available on our Patreon page! The more goals we hit, the more we can invest into site features!

Rather support us in-game? Thank you so much! I expect The Elyria Herald to operate much like a guild would in-game. We will keep neutral status with all kingdoms to represent the news objectively and fairly. That being said, we will need resources and land in each major city. If you want to support us by adding my friend code to your CoE forum account, use: B1944B This will help us gain IP to purchase the needed buildings and land within each city.

Want to join the Elyria herald team?

As the Editor in Chief, I realize there will be many positions to fill within The Elyria Herald before the game launches. Here are a few resources we have provided to help you decide what it looks like to be a part of our team or even join the world of journalism.

*note these may change at any time, and are ongoing documents*

Foreseen Roles – (Full Document)

The Elyria Herald Etiquette – (Full Document)

Application to Join – (Application Form)

If there is anything else you want to know about the Herald, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via our form here on the site, or even DM via discord. We hope to see the community grow and celebrate the story that is becoming – The Chronicles of Elyria.

Until next time –

Be Bold, Be Known
Bradford J. Wilshire